Welcome to the RecoveryApp blog! My name is Mat and I am an alcoholic. Following is some information about the app and this blog.

First, I would like to say that the content found on the apps and this blog are not supported by any 12 step foundations. This is just a hobby and 12th step work of mine. There are no monetary gains or donations. Therefore, I would like to strongly suggest you support the 12 step foundations by purchasing the literature you find in the apps and on this blog from your central office.

An app I created to conveniently have recovery literature on my Android phone. The app has really taken off since it was posted in the Android market. As of this posting the RecoveryApp contains the Big Book, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Recovery Stories, How it works, Serenity Prayer, Tenth and Eleventh Step worksheets, the St. Francis Prayer, Preamble, Ninth Step Promises, and the Third Step Prayer.

RecoveryApp Blog
This blog originally started as a simple way for me to post the Recovery Readings in a mobile format for the RecoveryApp. Since then it has grown to be used by people on all platforms from around the world. A friendly community has developed here. So feel free to post your comments, problems, and solutions here. You are free to post Anonymously if you wish. Also on this blog you will find a list of 12 step programs. Many of the sites for the respective 12 step program contain meeting locations and times. 


Other versions of the app
RecoveryApp Too - This version of the app was removed from Google Play store by request of NA World Services. Please see the following post for the original announcement:

RecoveryApp on Amazons Kindle Fire - The Kindle Fire version of the app was rejected by Amazon. This is due to the app containing books, and was suggested to post to the Amazon book store. I currently have no plans to post the books to the bookstore.

RecoveryApp on iPhone  - The iPhone version has been rejected for the same reason that the Kindle Fire version was rejected.

If you have any comments/suggestions for the app and blog feel free to post them.

Thanks for your support,